Check out the Details about Mobile Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo is also known as ‘dai siu’ or ‘tai sai’ and is incredibly popular in Asia, where it originated. Sic Bo has also made its way to some of the biggest and best land based casinos in the world and is on offer at all the top online gaming sites.

Mobile online Sic Bo gives players the chance to indulge in this captivating game at their leisure and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for anyone who’s ever been fascinated by the way it unfolds.

A simplistic game that’s rules are easy to understand, mobile online Sic Bo games have been optimised for iOS, Windows and Android and make use of state-of-the-art smartphone and tablet features to offer an interactive and immersive experience.

In Sic Bo players will bet on the outcome of the roll of 3 dice and although this might make the game sound not dissimilar to Craps, the betting structure is far less complex. Free mobile online Sic Bo games give players the chance to learn how to play with no pressure and no risk to their bankroll, and when you are ready for real money wagers you could fast find out how lucrative this form of Asian entertainment can be.

Bet Types Made Simple

The game of Sic Bo is quick to learn but there are a number of different bet types that can be placed and it’s prudent to understand these upfront. Essentially there are 6 main types of bets that are broken up as follows:

Big or Small

This is the most commonly placed bet in mobile online Sic Bo. Small bets are the point count between 4 and 10 and big bets are a total point count ranging from 11 to 17 when x3 on each dice. An even money payout is awarded if your outcome is predicted correctly, but you will lose if a triple, or 3 numbers of the same are rolled.

Odd or Even

In mobile online Sic Bo you can bet on whether the total sum of the 3 dice will be even or odd, just as you would in roulette. If a triple is rolled you lose automatically, but if your prediction is correct you’ll receive an even money payout.

Any Numbers

Another popular Sic Bo bet type at places like, all you need to do is predict a number between 1 and 6 for each of the 3 dice. The more numbers you predict correctly, the larger your payout.

Exact Numbers

In an exact numbers bet you’ll need to wager on one of 15 dice combinations that can be rolled at any time. A 5:1 payout is awarded if your outcome is correctly predicted.

Total Sum

This bet is where players must wager on what the total sum of all 3 dice values will be combined. A very lucrative bet if you prove to be correct, payout odds can vary from 50:1 to 6:1.

Triple Numbers

If you think that every dice rolled will display the same number, then you can place a triple bet. The likelihood of this happening is incredibly slim, so payouts can be as high as 150:1 if you are lucky enough to obtain 333, 444 or any other numbers between 1 and 6 that are all the same.

Mobile online Sic Bo is packed full of fun and exciting moments. This dice game has smoothly transitioned from one played by high rollers in exclusive casinos to being enjoyed by players of all budgets, in the palm of their hands.