A Quick Guide to Playing Blockbusters Slots

The art style in Blockbusters online slot is a cartoon style that uses the same colour scheme and iconography as the game show of the same name. Blockbusters was a British game show that aired on television from nineteen eighty three to nineteen ninety three. It was also brought back for a total of four additional series which aired between nineteen ninety three and two thousand and twelve.

The game was played as a two versus one scenario where two players would compete against one player. The game board was made up of twenty hexagons that were yellow and interlocking. These hexagons were situation in five columns of four. In each hexagon was a letter of the alphabet. The contestants would then pick a letter from the board and be asked a general knowledge trivia question. The answer to this question began with the letter that the contestant had chosen.

The background for Blockbusters online slot looks just like the game board from the original television show. The player can see a blue and white shapes making up the border. To the left and right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines for the slot. Above the reels is the name of the slot. Below the reels, the player is presented with betting options as well as some general information.

The first box is the player’s bet per line. This can be adjusted up and down by the use of blue arrows. The next box contains the number of lines that the player is betting on. This can also be adjusted by using the blue up and down buttons. To the right of that is the player’s stake and the total amount the player has been paid out. The player can also utilise an autospin feature as well as spin once at a time by using the yellow spin button. There is also a paytable button where the player can view the various payouts for the symbols.

Blockbusters Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot are made up of a mix of familiar symbols as well as a couple of game specific symbols. They all carry the theme of the game show. From least valuable to most valuable, the symbols include a ten, jack, queen, king ace, two white B, two blue B, the yellow hexagon playing board and the slot title on a blue background.

Like wilds and scatters available in most iPhone slots at https://onlinecasinogamesca.com/iphone, there are also a wild symbol as well as a gold run symbol that serves as the scatter.

Bonus Features

The expanding wild bonus feature is triggered if a player gets a winning combination by using a wild symbol. When this happens, the base game will then expand to cover the entire playing reel. Once this happens, the reels are evaluated with additional wilds in place and the player is paid out.

The Gold Run feature is triggered when the player lands three or more of the Gold Run scatter symbols anywhere on the reel. The player must then make their way across the board by picking spaces while avoiding the Exit Bonus space. If the player makes it all the way across, they can double their prize.